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공식 홈페이지


“  Building a beautiful society of living together ”

Life Together Co., Ltd. exists to create a society in which people care for each other in beautiful natural environment. We will continue to work hard to realize a beautiful society, the essence of our corporate philosophy.

生 (Raw, All living things)

People and nature are alive. We learn the joy of living in nature and cultivation of  beauty.
The beauty of Korea comes from the wisdom of ancestors who sought answers in nature. We will further develop the wisdom and create products that will live beautifully as the material of living nature.

美 (Beauty, everything beautiful)

The beauty of nature touches people. We pursue natural beauty with natural ingredients.
We add skin science to nature to make the best cosmetics. We study and love everything related to beauty.

人(Person, person who is good for man)

Life Together Co., Ltd., which pursues genuine humanity, will devote itself to making a society where people live.
A society is where people live, and we will help neighbors who are in need to cultivate such a make a beautiful society. We will actively share the profits of the company to contribute to the world. Then, we will realize a beautiful society that lives well together.