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‘K-Beauty’ Value to all over the world.

Life Together Co., Ltd. is a company that commits itself in the R&D and production of highly functional cosmetics best suitable for human body. Thus far, we have been planning, researching and developing many products ranging from high-functional cosmetics such as Whitening, Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle to products optimized for trouble-care and body care products for obesity management.

Our company has been designated as an innovative technology small business (INNO-BIZ) and innovative management SME. It has been recognized as a leading company in the field of cosmetics as it has been selected as a promising SME and export promising SME. The reason for our accomplishment is most likely due to the fact that we have built our own research facility with a size of over 660 square meters and have secured a research team of dermatological science in our effort to secure world-class technology development.

We have established a skin science research institute approved by Korea Industrial Technology Association (koita) for outstanding technology, and have been actively engaged in R & D activities such as patenting a hair growth promoting or hair loss prevention composition containing bamboo extract as well as the patents for its manufacturing.

In addition, we have built a world-class infrastructure capable of producing 100% of various R & D products as well as our R & D technology capability, with our own large-scale production facilities, CLEAN plant certificate and ISO 2276: 2007 certification.

Based on these outstanding technologies, we are launching a variety of products such as Rooicell Control, Cell Control, Bal-A-Soon and Unitein. Furthermore, we manufacture and deliver good products inquired by cosmetics companies around the world.

In order to realize the corporate philosophy of ‘building a rich society living together’, we are taking the lead in various community rehabilitation activities and helping neighbors.

It is a business area that focuses on the realization of our corporate philosophy such as the operation of a good shop with the Community Chest of Korea, the sharing of coal of love, the Kimchi Bank of Love, and the vocational education agreement.