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공식 홈페이지

the life energy of Black bamboo germination, Bal-A-Soon shampoo

After the long research and experiment, we have brought out the clear and clean secret of black bamboo shoot with best combination and efficacy. Bal-A-Soon Shampoo, for healthy scalp and hair management! Experience the mystical power of traditional black grains.

Difference between general shampoo and Bal-A-Soon shampoo

Pure germination

Unlike conventional diluted shampoos, which are made by mixing purified water, it is a 100% pure high concentration liquid which is made by extracting black bamboo shoots of black bamboo shoots and shoots of various kinds of oriental herbs and plants without mixing water. (Viscosity agent for processing the concentration and color of the shampoo are not used. )

No Silicone oil

Without the need to artificially coat the hair with silicone, the shampoo fills the hair with high moisturization and nutrients from the inner within.

Cold extraction herbal shampoo preserving herbal ingredients

In order to prevent nutrients from being destroyed in the high temperature extraction method, low-temperature extraction method at 80 ℃ or less is used to prevent destruction of vitamins and other nutrients.

Contains rare black bamboo (Ojuk) extract

烏竹(Ojuk) is a plant native to only two places in the world (Korea, China). It is rare and has rare properties, and quantity is very limited. Only the 1% customers in Korea can use this premium products.

Five kinds of pure shampoo extract

Compared before and after germination

Extraordinary Bal-A-Soon patents

A black bamboo extract and a hair growth promoting composition made from an extract of a herbal medicine and a hot spring salt as an effective ingredient, such as black tea, black seasame, black bean, the shampoo has excellent effect on prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.

Bal-A-Soon products