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Support for neighbors

From that year when Life Together Co., Ltd. began business, we began helping the neighbors with difficulties. Until we were able to, we continued to support our neighbors support the difficult families introduced by the local government office and become a proud member of society.

Even today, Life Together Co., Ltd. has become a solid support to the family in need of our warm touch.

Coal of Love

Life Together Co., Ltd. is delivering the Coal of love to the neighbors who have difficulties in the winter every year.  This business, which has been going on for more than 10 years, will continue as long as Life Together Co., Ltd. is in operation.


Life Together Co., Ltd. strives to provide scholarships to students who want to study but are unable to afford it, so that they can concentrate on their studies more comfortably.

Support for outside neighbors

Life Together Co., Ltd. has been actively participating in the Neighborhood Assistance Program conducted by other companies to support good events and provide generous support.