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The power of natural healing in harmony and balance

Cell Control is a new brand launched by Life Together Co., Ltd. for general consumers. The cell control stands for Health & Beauty, Nature Cure, and Primal Energy. We are pursuing a new concept of health beauty through harmony and balance.

A new concept of healthiness through harmony and balance

Health & Beauty

Skin and body care for health and beauty at the same time

Primal Energy

Beautiful and clean skin and body care with Primal Energy

Nature Cure

Natural, non-artificial skin and body care



Contains a natural moisturizing agent containing a bio-similar component. It deeply moistens the skin and does not dry easily.


Transparent film and cream film are formed to protect the nutrients supplied to the skin from flaking, and shine on the skin.


Builds a natural skin barrier that prevents external harmful substances from penetrating the skin and body.


The ingredients used in all the products are extracted from the pure materials of natural plants.


It activates the rancel fluid (LC), normalizes the keratinization cycle, and strengthens the elastic tissue.


Research and formulation to make beneficial effects not only on the outside but also on the invisible cells


Absorbs energy from nature into the human body, adding cleanliness and vitality.


Everyday cosmetics for everyday health

Cell Control Products