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About the R&D Center

On December 12, 2006, we have been certified as a dermatological research institute, and we have developed excellent products with new materials through the best researchers and continuous research and development. In addition, we are actively engaged in the development of the best products through accumulated technology through continuous research and development, and we are making every effort to develop products that consumers want at any time.

A company that realizes science for living together

Based on our belief in making science a reality for living together, Life Together Skin Science Institute, which was certified in 2006, has introduced medical cosmetic products that incorporate skin science. It has since then helped to solve problems and helping to create a beautiful and healthy life.

Life Together Co., Ltd. introduced the best research machines in Asia in September 2015 in order to realize “Skin Science for Customers Only”. Based on the scientific research results, we are spurring our own product development. Life Together Dermatology Research Institute aims to develop safer and superior products to customers by developing proven products by combining latest skin science technology with clean and safe natural materials and realizing sustainable R & D. We are committed in devoting ourselves into research to show the results to our customers.