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Research and development items

Basic Product Research

We are developing products through research and development of basic products such as skin, lotion, cream, eye cream, essence, cleansing, massage, pack and functional cosmetics. This product can be used regardless of age group.

Hair Body Product Research

We are developing our products to make healthy and beautiful skin through shower and massage considering the health of the scalp, and we are already recognized as a company producing the best hair products for our customers.

Quasi-drug research

We are researching and developing differentiated products that do not contain chemical additives like natural ingredients such as acne, hair dye, and atopy line.

Functional Product Research

The products have been certified as functional cosmetics that can improve the skin problems from the food industry. We develop functional products such as wrinkle, skin whitening, ultraviolet screening products.

Hair line

Cleansing line

Body line

Pack & Modeling Line

BB & Sun Block Line

Essential Oil Line

Ample & Serum & Essence Line

Skin line

Lotion line

Foot Care Line

Makeup line

Professional management line

Essential Oil Line

Functional lines by type