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공식 홈페이지

Excellent anticancer, anti-diabetic, and immunity-enhancing
Fermented red ginseng protein

Cancer treatment methods in modern medicine are usually offered in surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Such treatment removes the body organs, severely damages them, and causes serious side effects and pain such as vomiting and hair loss during treatment. Taking Unitein during chemotherapy, you can experience a help in overcoming the side effects of surgery and chemotherapy, alleviate vomiting and alopecia, and restore appetite. In experiments, Unitein showed strong detoxification, toxin-releasing and immune-enhancing effects.

Special material made by fermentation of red ginseng, soybean, and dermis.

Bacillus sp. Bacillus was cultivated to ferment red ginseng, soybean, and dermis, and a vegetable protein was made using special treatments. In particular, Unitein’s raw red ginseng is made from 9 kinds of 9 red ginseng which maximizes the efficacy with a special know-how for a month and a half.

Special patented material

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