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Together with nature. Together with people.
Medi-Cos Solution



2018.09. Gangwon Green Exhibition
2018.08. The 26th Guangzhou Exhibition China
2018.06. Korea World Female Inventor and Women Inventions Fair
2018.05. Participated in Seoul International Cosmetic & Beauty Industry Fair
2018.05. The 123th China Import & Export Commodity Fair -Third Stage-
2018.03. The 48th China Guangzhou International Beauty Exhibition (Spring)


2017.11. CosmoProp Asia Hong Kong
2017.11. Korea Excellent Product Exhibition
2017.10. Participated in Korea Beauty Fair
2017.09. Guangzhou Fall Beauty Exhibition, Vietnam Special Exhibition and Export Fair
2017.08. Halal Industrial 2017 Exhibition in Korea
2017.06. Clean Business Certification Renewal, Kangnam University LINC + Family Company Agreement, Hallym University Family Company Agreement
2017.05. Phil Beauty (Philippines) Fair, Malaysia Fair
2017.04. Health Beauty EXCO Korea (COEX EXPO), renewed ISO22716: 2007 certification
2017.03. Spring China Guangzhou Beauty Expo


2016.11. Renewal of promising export SME certificate
2016.10. Participated in Osong Cosmetics Beauty Expo, Participated in K-beauty Expo (KINTEX EXPO)
2016.09. Kangwon Bio Beauty Expo, Kangwon Bio Expo, ‘Good JOB’ Joint Career Fair
2016.06. Taiwan Hong Kong Shopping Channel (Puro Marine Collagen Eye Essence)
2016.05. Shanghai International Beauty Expo Fair
2016.04. ISO22716: 2007 Certification renewed, Health Beauty Expo Korea (Coex Expo)
2016.03. Spring China Guangzhou Beauty Expo


2015.11. Prevention of anthocyanin-containing athlete’s foot with antibodies to athlete’s foot & patented cosmetic composition for improvement (Patent No. 10-2015-0166655)
2015.10. Home & Shopping Home Shopping Broadcast (Puro Marine Collagen Eye Essence)
2015.04. Acquired ISO22716: 2007 certification
2015.04. Participated in Seoul International Cosmetic Beauty Industry Fair


2014.11. Awarded Commendation by Governor of Gangwon Province
2014.10. Participated in Hong Kong Exhibition, A NEW WORLD FOR BEAUTY
2014.10. Participated in Beauty Expo Korea
2014.09. Participated in GTI International Trade Investment Fair
2014.05. Relocated Head office and factory, beauty convention center, dermatology research institute  to new building
2014.05. Participated in the 21st Seoul International Cosmetic Fair
2014.04. Participated in beauty industry fair


2013.10. Participated in Gangwon Bio Export Consultation
2013.10. Participated in Beauty Expo Korea 2013
2013.10. Concluded women-friendly labor union enterprise agreement with Chuncheon Women’s Human Resource Development Center
2013.10. Participated in Gangwon-do job fair
2013.09. Appointed as the best enterprise designated by the SME Promotion Agency
2013.09. Singapore Esthetics Asia Exhibition
2013.07. Participated in Malaysian cosmetics fair
2013.07. Selected as a promising small business re-designation in Gangwon Province
2013.05. Selected as a promising small business re-designation in Gangwon Province
2013.05. Participated in Osong Cosmetic Beauty World Expo 2013
2013.04. Participated in the COSMOBEAUTE VIETNAM 2013 fair in Vietnam


2012.12. Participated in Cambodian Exhibition
2012.11. Participated in Ho Chi Minh General Exhibition
2012.11. Exported to Vietnam
2012.11. Vietnam Korean Wave Product Exhibition
2012.10. Participated in Western China General Exhibition
2012.09. Participated in Malaysia Beauty Fair
2012.09. Human Resources Development Service of Korea Job Month’s Personnel Management Plan National Competition Encouragement Award
2012.04. Selected as a company to organize learning organization organized by Human Resources Development Service of Korea


2011.10. Natural medicine material and skin science trap agreement (Gangwon Medical Convergence Talent Training Center)
2011.06. Signed MOU with Kangwon National University
2011.05. Exported to Singapore
2011.05. Participated in Seoul Beauty Fair
2011.03. Exported to Hong Kong
2011.02. Participated in Cambodian Exhibition
2011.02. Participation in Ukraine exhibition


2010.12. Registered as NACF Hanaro Mart Account
2010.12. Selected as promising export company by Gangwon SME Promotion agency/Participated in Dubai International Fall Exhibition
2010.11. Participated in India International Exhibition
2010.10. Participated in Gangwon Bio Export Consultation
2010.07. Commended by Governor of Gangwon Province / Participated in Cosmo Beauty Asia 2010 in Malaysia
2010.06. 1st place in major open market modeling pack sales / Gangwon-do – Participated in export consultation in Tottori in Japan
2010.05. Participated in Shanghai Food and Beauty Exhibition / Awarded the Minister of Knowledge Economy Award
2010.04. Online marketing team organization
2010.04. Selected as ‘New Exporter 300’ by Korea Trade Association / Introduced Rooicell membership system


2009.11. Participated in Hong Kong Beauty Fair
2009.10. Participation in Moscow Autumn Fairs
2009.09. Participated in Guangzhou International Beauty Fair
2009.07. Participated in Korea Excellent Product Exhibition (Shenyang, China)


2008.12. KBS News (Deperate jobs for people with disabilities)
2008.12. KBS News How is Gangwon-doing? (delivery of love coals)
2008.12. Established direct branch office in Busan
2008.11. Participated in Hong Kong International Beauty Fair
2008.09. Participated in 4th China Northeast Asia Investment Fair
2008.07. Participated in the 1st SME Investment Fair
2008.06. Selected as the 1st good store in Gangwon
2008.05. Registered as Company of Disabled People
2008.05. Participated in Beautyworld Japan
2008.05. Participated in KASF Skin Beauty Fair
2008.05. Selected as a promising SME
2008.04. Participated in Seoul International Cosmetic Beauty Fair
2008.02. Patent application for development of new material for atopic dermatitis (joint research with Hallym University)


2007.12. Concluded an experiential learning agreement with Chuncheon Business High School
2007.12. Donated Kimchi to Chuncheon ‘Kimchi Bank of Love’
2007.10. 4,200 skin care therapies as regular accounts
2007.08. Exported to New Zealand
2007.08. Composition for promoting hair growth or preventing hair loss containing bamboo extract and method for producing the same( Patent No. 10-0755981.3)
2007.08. Milal Rehabilitation Center Cooperation Partner
2007.08. Conclusion of the Vocational Education Cooperation Agreement in the Chuncheon Dongwon School
2007.05. Signed an exchange and cooperation agreement with the Gangwon-do Rehabilitation Association for the training of IT professionals and employment promotion
2007.03. Awarded the commendation commission of the Kangwon Trade Center of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency on the 34th Commerce Day
2007.03. Aired on Chuncheon MBC Sisa Focus, Gangwon Economic status
2007.03. Registration of CELLCONTROL trademark service (Application No. 2006-0000668)
2007.03. Registration of Life Together Co., Ltd. trademark service (Application No. 2006-0000664)


2006.12. Established affiliated research institute
2006.11. Registration of ROOICELL trademark service (Application No. 2006-0000667)
2006.11. ISO 9001: 2000
2006.10. Technology Innovation SME Certification (Innobiz)
2006.10. Venture Certificate
2006.10. Korea Industrial Technology Association membership Certificate
2006.09. Innovative Management SME Certificate
2006.04. Participated in Hanoi International Fair in Vietnam
2006.02. Member of the Kangwon Trading Company Council
2006.02. Factory registration
2006.01. Article 38 of the Seoul Cosmetics Industry Report


2005.12. Health food sales registration No. 40-212
2005.08. Popular products TV Women Channel News Broadcast
2005.07. Established overseas branch office in Guangzhou, China
2005.06. Registered nationwide regular accounts
2005.05. Korea’s No. 1 skin care specialty body product (based on sales)


2004.12. Medical equipment sales (leasing) Declaration (Declaration No.: 04-11)
2004.08. Launched ROOICELL Line
2004.07. Entered telecommunication business declaration 1401111-0013687
2004.06. Unique identification number of trade (unique identification number: 28102986)