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OEM/ODM Process

ODM development process

OEM Development Process

We will accompany you to know the beautiful value.
Life Together does not only provide OEM, ODM service.
We are the best business partner for your company to create a brand through professional consulting.

Now, go beyond OEM, ODM and enjoy specialized consulting.
We will enhance your brand value by providing professional consulting service tailored to your business with total know-how of Life Together Co., Ltd.

OEM (Original Equipment Manfaturing) Outsourcing is a method of manufacturing and delivering finished products with customer’s trademark by developing a body shape that meets customer’s needs and providing the design desired by the customer.

ODM (Original Design Manufactured) is a production method that realizes total service for all processes from product planning, development, production, quality control to shipment based on proprietary technology know-how in one step advanced from OEM method.

Life Together can produce any kind of cosmetics that customers require and furthermore provide market research, trademark registration, package design and product training for the products.

OEM / ODM Process

1. Through the nationwide distribution network, we plan to share our products, research, develop, and share them with customers.
2. We give expertise through independent technology and develops products.
3. A variety of products can be produced in small quantities.
4. Cost reduction is possible through specialized production system.