About Us


Naturalism cosmetic brand
LIFETOGETHER CO.,LTD. is a company dedicated to the research, development and production of high functional cosmetics.
We have established self-owned dermatology research institute approved by the Korea Industrial Promotion Association (KOITA). It is actively engaged in R&D activities, patents registration, and has various successful OEM/ODM and OBM brands.
Besides, it has been designated as a small-medium sized business (by INNO-BIZ) and a small and medium-sized business with management innovation. We have also been selected as a promising small and medium sized business and regarded as a promising export company. In addition we are also recognized as a leading cosmetic manufacturer in the industry.
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LT Group

LIFETOGETHER CO.,LTD. with it partners have now united into one as the LT Group.

Medical Cosmetics

Technology + cosmetics = medical cosmetics
Medical cosmetics refer to high performance cosmetics which have more fulfilling functions than conventional cosmetics. Based on the advanced technology team, LIFETOGETHER CO.,LTD. has carried out continuous research efforts and developed high functional cosmetics for skincare in a more advanced aesthetics. We will share the value of K-beauty to the world and lead the development of the market.

Product Differentiation

LIFE TOGETHER’s unique product differentiation


raw materials

Good raw materials from nature

We believe that only products made from the best raw materials can bring authentic changes to the skincare. Hence, we strive to obtain the best raw materials from the world. The results are proven by the consumer. We believe the biggest difference of our products lies in the source of good raw materials from nature.


desired by consumers

Products that consumers truly want

We believe what consumers really need is not a gorgeous outer packaging, but a cosmetics that indeed helps. There are numerous brands both at home and abroad. But how many brands provide products that consumers really need? We focus on the inner value. We will research products to bring changes to consumers.



Specialized dermatology research

We have established a skin science research institute of over 200 pyeong and are continuously researching products. We are experimenting and researching with research equipment imported from all over the world. Also, in order to acquire and disseminate technology better, we conduct joint research with leading universities through industry-academic cooperation. To make it more beautiful, our entire staff are conducting research on research.