CEO greetings

I am Song Woon-seo,
Since we took the first step into the skin and body care product industry 120 years ago, we have made great efforts to achieve the best products and the best service as our management philosophy. As a result, LIFETOGETHER CO., LTD has become a global player in short period of time and has established a company image as a representative brand in Korea in skincare cosmetics.
All the employees of LIFETOGETHER CO.,LTD, including me, have never forgotten that these achievements are due to our customer’s constant interest and affection. In order to reciprocate this, we will spur further research and development to produce the premium quality products. And we will try to produce good cosmetics with best authentic effects by carefully selecting the best raw materials. Thank you!

Corporate Philosophy

" Realize a Beautiful Society of Living Together "

LIFETOGETHER CO.,LTD aims to create a society where people live together and care for each other in the beautiful nature.
We will continue to work hard to achieve a beautiful society of living together harmoniously. This is our corporate philosophy.

生 (Life, everything alive)

People and nature are alive and living. We learn to enjoy the joy of living by observing the nurturing beauty in the nature. We believe the beauty of Korea comes from the wisdom of ancestors who were seeking answers from the nature. We will continue to develop the wisdom and produce products with natural ingredients to beautify people’s lives.

美 (Beauty, everything beautiful)

The beauty of nature impresses people. We pursue natural beauty with ingredients from nature. We make the best cosmetics by adding skin science to nature. We research and love everything that is beautiful.

人 (People, and Human)

LIFETOGETHER pursues true humanity and devotes itself to creating a society where all people can coexist. We aim to create a society where people live together and we take helping our neighbors who are in need as our mission. We will actively share the company’s incomes and we’ll benefit the community, so as to further realize a beautiful society of living together.