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Global Beauty House- Rooicell Beauty Convention Center
Rooicell Beauty Convention Center is the world’s largest beauty center with a system what allows skin care service for up to 200 people at the same time with comfortable and convenient facilities.
It operates as a global education seminar center for professional beauticians at home and abroad, and provides the best skincare experiences to satisfy not only domestic consumers but also foreign tourists who visit Korea.
In particular, we provide a comfortable impression by providing the best products and services through beauty consultation for each individual as per their skin types. In the future, Rooicell Beauty Convention Center will continue to lead the beauty industry by spreading K-Beauty all over the world.

International skincare

We are establishing and operating the largest skin care system in the Orient that can simultaneously manage skin of up to 200 people. We also recommend customized products for each skin

We also operate a professional product shop where you can purchase all the products produced by LIFETOGETHER CO.,LTD.

At Rooicell Beauty Convention Center

With various experience of skincare and fuming/steaming facilities, you can now experience the effects of cosmetics from LIFETOGETHER.

Global Beauty Education and Seminar
We provide training and seminars by skincare and cosmetics to beauty salons from various countries such as Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

Other facilities