We are a company that researches, develops, and

produces high-function cosmetics that are most suitable for the human body.


In addition, we take the mission of realizing a beautiful society as our company’s goal.
We have continued our efforts in building a society where people, nature and the entire planet can coexist and live together in harmony.
We will make every sincere effort and aim to create products beneficial to both nature and people.


Dermatology Research Institute

We research, develop and produce high-functional cosmetics best suitable for the human body, which is in harmony with the nature, instead of simple systematic mass-manufacturing.

YES GOOD & Aurea Helianthus

Unlike other imported ingredients, Aurea Helianthus is directly cultivated in the LT ECO Farm and the plant is extracted by ourselves.
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OEM / ODM Inquiry

We do not provide simple OEM and ODM services. We are the best business partner for you to create a brand through professional consulting. Contact us right now.